A complex and branched communication system is an integral part of a modern city. Hundreds of kilometres of industrial and domestic pipelines, telephone and television cables, form an extensive infrastructure that is rapidly expanding. Replacement of failed and laying of new sections of communication networks in cramped urban conditions traditional (open) way, becomes more and more difficult, and sometimes even impossible. In the meantime, the state of utility networks is approaching a critical stage, and if accidentally damaged, water-bearing pipelines could lead to flooding of urban areas, further causing damage to buildings and structures and subsequently, decaying industrial pipelines could cause a global catastrophe. Subsurface waters and land could not be cleaned.

The sphere of activity of the research and production company “Kombest” is the development and improvement of technological schemes for the production of works, the creation and serial production of equipment kits for trenchless replacement and laying of pipelines. Technologies and equipment kits are protected by patents of the Russian Federation and also other countries. The work “Replacement of sewerage networks in urban conditions without excavation works” has won the Prize in 2000.


Technologies and equipment:

  • kits for trenchless replacement of cast iron, ceramic, asbestos-cement, concrete and reinforced concrete (drainage) pipelines with polyethylene (up to 630 mm in diameter);
  • kits for trenchless replacement of steel and cast iron (water) pipelines with polyethylene (up to 530 mm in diameter);
  • kits for trenchless laying of water-bearing polyethylene pipelines (diameter up to 400 mm);
  • kits for laying (ramming) steel pipelines (diameter up to 1400 mm);
  • kits for immersion of steel pipes (diameter up to 600 mm);
  • kits for moulding piles (up to 300 mm in diameter).