Company Info

“Universe Business Group” LLC is multi direction working society. From the day of founding (04/12/2007) company is oriented on development and growing. This is confirmed by the fact, that from the first day it established a partnership with many companies in Georgia and abroad.

From the founding day cares for quality and what is most important, supply largest companies involved in Georgian construction and agricultural industries with the newest technologies well-known branded products. (On one of the International Business Forums, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Georgia Mr. Kakha Baindurashvili told: “If you want technological news and Know-how, you should appeal Universe Business Group, believe me they really surprise”!)

It’s note worthy that almost all companies, which are involved in all big projects, use techniques, tools, construction accessories and RB tools from Universe Business Group. It’s well known how the rate of technological progress moves forward in the world. So to not stay behind of progress rhythm, Univers Business Group does not spare effort and financials.

It reach, that the working technical staff complies with international standards and professionalism. To raise staff’s professionalism, it periodically held seminars and trainings, international, local and regional exhibitions. Most importantly, when in it’s partner company’s factories and fabrics start new technologies, company specialists train and raise their qualification.

“Universe Business Group” LLC in a short period became a member of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Georgia, Georgian Employers’ Association, Georgian Producers’ Federation and EUGBC. Actively participates in various international exhibitions and business forums as in Georgia, so abroad and most importantly it is not going to stop there. In a shortest period of time, it’s going to add several types of departments and technical services.

Cooperate with us and we assure you, that you will be successful, but most importantly pleasantly surprised of your financial savings!!!




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