“Universe Business Group” LLC offers high-quality containers which are used as well as for office and for accommodation even in the regions where is heavy meteorological climate. Many projects are performed with big success: Kindergartens, medical clinics, military bases, customs checkpoints, shops, showrooms, exhibitions and etc. The advantage of the containers revealed in the fact that, the fastest erection of 45m2 completed space can be done in 24 hours with minimal quantity of specialists. At the same time all the environmental parameters and international standards are reserved and containers have been awarded with quality of “green line”. At the same time it is flexible because it is possible to change the configuration of the versatile and it can fit into any of the required design, it is also used for high-quality interior, sound insulation and thermal insulation, which is approved in North Europe and Siberia. It is possible to connect an unlimited numbers of containers to the horizontal, and can be arranged the height of the four-story complex, and the most important fact is that they have minimum 25-years of operating period.